Lake Champlain

Ticonderoga NY

The town of Ticonderoga sits in a spectacular corner of New York State, bordered by Lake Champlain and Lake George. Home to the historic and imposing Fort Ticonderoga, the town has been renowned for centuries for its historical significance and the natural beauty of the lakes and mountains.

Ticonderoga has long been an important crossroads, with the route between Lake George and Lake Champlain serving as a significant path for Native Americans. Sitting on a direct, accessible route between New York City and Montreal, the town hosted critical battles during both the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War. More than 50 historical markers are located throughout the town, marking the presence of leading figures ranging from the British Lord Howe to the French General Montcalm to the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont.

Fort Ticonderoga, initially built by the French in the 1750s, guards this historic crossroads and remains a popular destination. Living-history programs and museum exhibitions take visitors back to 1775, when colonial militia under the command of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured the fort from the British in a surprise attack. The recreated King’s Garden shows off heirloom flowers inside its high brick walls – just one feature of the beautiful grounds. Dramatic, sweeping views complete the striking appeal of the site. 

The fort also maintains the nearby Mount Defiance, an 850-foot high peak overlooking Lake Champlain and the fort. An historic road to the summit is free and open during the warmer months, leading to an observation deck, picnic pavilion and panoramic views at the summit.

Downtown, the Ticonderoga Historical Society features multiple exhibits and an art gallery, housed in The Hancock House -- a grand stone mansion which once housed the New York State Historical Association. The Ticonderoga Heritage Museum celebrates the town’s significant industrial past, particularly the familiar Ticonderoga pencils and Ticonderoga paper which shaped the town over the past two centuries.

For outdoors enthusiasts, options abound throughout the area. The LaChute River crosses the downtown, connecting Lake George and Lake Champlain. A four-mile trail runs along the river with interpretive signage and views of scenic waterfalls. The nearby Bicentennial Park offers ball fields and tennis courts, and access to fishing and boating on the river. 

Bicycling options are seemingly endless, with routes connecting to more than 1000 miles of trails around the Lake Champlain Valley. Fishing and boating activities are plentiful on Lake Champlain and Lake George. The town’s Black Point Public Beach offers a spectacular view of Lake George along with swimming, beach volleyball and playground areas. In the winter, Bicentennial Park hosts skating and cross country skiing. Ice fishing is popular on the lakes, and snowmobiling is an increasingly popular activity throughout the area.

The town center features historic buildings and architecture and an array of shops, restaurants and galleries. A full range of lodging options range from hotels and B&Bs, to cabins and campsites. With its unparalleled history, scenic wonders, and ideal location in the heart of the Adirondack region, Ticonderoga is a top destination.