Lake Champlain

Elizabethtown NY

Located in what was known as Pleasant Valley, Elizabethtown is located on the Boquet River in the heart of Adirondack Park. Located at the base of the Hurricane and Giant Mountain., It offers spectacular views of mountains, forest scenery, and sweet old fashioned charm to visitors. The Boquet River offers wonderful sites for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. If you love trout fishing, this is the place to visit. Camp sites are plentiful.

The Adirondack Park is filled with beautiful sandy beaches and clear streams. You will enjoy beautiful scenery and all that comes with a six million acre park. It is also only 25 minutes to the Olympic Center at Lake Placid. There you will find many more activities including shops and museums. Elizabethtown is also only 9 miles from Lake Champlain. It is 100 miles south of Montreal, Quebec so if you ever wanted to travel to Canada, it is just a few hours’ drive north.

Lake Champlain offers wonderful activities for the whole family. They have a Classic and Antique Boat society. Their Maritime Museum offers wonderful hands on exhibits and artifacts from Lake Champlain's maritime history. This large fresh water lake is part of two states, Vermont and New York and extends to Quebec, Canada.

The Adirondack Park offers many opportunities to enjoy nature. Cycling, canoeing, and swimming in the summer are perfect sports in the most beautiful setting. In the winter hunting, cross country skiing and rock and ice climbing are offered in the area. Perfect for the whole family with activities everyone will enjoy.

Local farmers offer home grown produce, honey and baked goods in quaint settings. Elizabethtown, New York offers charming inns, antique stores, and museums. You will find restaurants, library and tennis courts. The town is always busy with many activities and additional attractions just a short distance away. For golfers, it offers a beautiful 9-Hole golf course. It is a great combination for couples, golf and shopping.

The area near Elizabethtown and Lewis is awash with many historical homes and sites. Elizabethtown was established on 1798. The city was named for William Gilliland's wife. The Kellogg family was a prominent part of the early history of the town. They were declared the County Seat and still remain the County Seat. In the early history of the city, the inhabitants were cutting lumber, marketing local agriculture and busy planting Poplar trees. Poplar was an important part of the economy and in one year they shipped 20,000 cords of poplar to paper mills all over the region. Maple trees provided Maple sugar which was another source of income for the prosperous city. 

Prominent lawyers came from this area. Augustus C. Hand, Robert S. Hand and Orlando Kellogg were all names known through the area and held in high esteem. The Hand house, a beautiful example of architecture, still stands today and shows the importance of these early lawyers. Their schools and churches were established early in the days of the settlement. A newspaper began publishing and still publishes today. People from all over the area come to the Adirondack History Center Museum. It has many exhibits about the county's history and people come to the county clerk's office to search for genealogical information.

Today Elizabethtown is a light industry and lumbering town but relies mostly on the tourist industry. It's a perfect location for vacationing and family time during any season.